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Part two of our AAPI Heritage Month series, we’re highlighting some of our favorite Asian art and lifestyle brands making waves across the board. Check out these 11 companies and collectives creating one-of-a-kind works as well as suggestions made by you. Thanks again for everyone's suggestions! 


iBlush Patch is a revolutionary patch that uses natural vitamins and antioxidants to avoid the flush that sometimes comes when drinking alcohol. You may have seen ‘em on Tik Tok, now you can try them for yourself and support an Asian-founded business while you do! 



Drink Lunar, founded in 2019 by two friends searching for the perfect drink that embodies Asian American flavors and culture, Lunar comes in delicious flavors from lychee to yuzu. A seltzer unlike any other, Lunar Hard Seltzers are made with real fruit from Asia to bring a taste of home straight to you. Plus, Lunar has always supported Asian-run brands like us, proud to be sharing the love right back!



Special Interest Goods' simple, artistic candles are almost too pretty to use. Handmade from soy and beeswax in shapes from dumplings to cairns to twists to persimmons, Special Interest Goods candles are the perfect addition to any office, home, or even birthday cake. 



Kasa Fit came to founders Kat and Shanika when they realized they wanted a new and easier way to workout that fit into their busy lives. Enter the Kasa Weight — a product that intensifies any workout and helps you feel the burn. Founded and run by women, this fitness company takes working out to a whole new level. 



Boy Smells is an innovative fragrance brand creating perfumes that transcend the gender binary. With scents from floral to woody to smoky, Boy Smells focuses on cultivating self love as part of our daily routines and helps us smell good doing it. 



Leanne Gan is an illustrator creating stunning artworks and graphic designs for a cause. With bright colors and stunning + playful details, Gan’s work truly stands out from the crowd. Be sure to check out her page to learn more about her art and advocacy related to AAPI causes and more. 




Long Time Tattoo is a queer AAPI- run tattoo space in Brooklyn featuring artists including Genlte Oriental, Baby Radish, and more — each with a distinct style. Stop by LTT for a piece of body art that you will treasure for the rest of your life. 



Based in New York, Chop Suey Club is a boutique store focused on featuring contemporary Chinese art and design pieces. From books and zines to fashion and lifestyle, you can find them all here. And they throw the best parties in town if you haven't been!



Studio Oddities is a creative collective studio emphasizing tufting as a vehicle for expression. Founded in 2022 by three talented female designers from Parsons, they will guide you and create any statement piece you have in mind!




FAR NEAR is a book series printed once a year that tells the story of our community using images, history and ideas. The publication aims to curate works that expand views of Asian cultures through stories, newsletters and a book club. 


Five generations of family and porcelain practice make Wing on Wo & Co. the oldest continuously operating store in Manhattan’s Chinatown. With stunning porcelain tableware, accessories and more (all in the most gorgeous and vibrant glazes and finishes), this historic business is tried and true for a reason.  



If you'd like us to highlight any more brands in our next post of this series comment below; and let us know if you check any of these out!

  • Kim Shui
  • Didu
  • Yinglin He
  • Tao Tao
  • Zehua Wu
  • Abacaxi
  • No Less Than LA
  • Fangyan
  • Song of Style
  • 7till8
  • Janefur Official
  • Omsom
  • Youthforia
  • Chunks
  • Tower28
  • Nguyen Coffee Supply



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