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You know we’re all about celebrating modern Chinese culture — and we always do it big for Lunar New Year. This year, we had the opportunity to collaborate with two incredible artists for our limited edition LNY24 collection, and now we’re getting the chance to introduce you to the people behind the pieces! 



Meet Jane Dua, Founder of NUNCHI 


Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

Jane has a decade-long career in the fine jewelry industry, having grown a fine jewelry brand from a 12-style assortment to a collection worn by celebrities including Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna. She has led fine jewelry e-commerce brands in all facets of the business including Product Development, Design, Merchandising, Wholesale and Retail Sales, and E-commerce. She also executed production and development of jewelry collections presented in Fashion Shows for brands like Fenty Puma, Moschino, Halpern, and Donna Karan. She is currently an Associate Board Member of the Korean American Community Foundation, was a member of the inaugural Asian American Girl Club Empowerment Series, and has made it her mission to support and collaborate with purpose-driven brands and creators.

NUNCHI was started by Jane during the pandemic, born out of advocating for local, family-owned, and immigrant-owned businesses during the pandemic. Jane purchased unusable deadstock, which were both recycled and up-cycled into new, in-demand products such as mask chains, sunglass chains, and multi-functional body chainwear. As part of NUNCHI’s reduced-waste mission, we focused on sustainable initiatives to transform waste into sellable products to create brand awareness, build a customer base, and prepare for a future fine jewelry roll-out.


Who are you, what drives you, what do you love to create?

I grew up in 2 worlds: immigrant Korean communities fully immersed in the culture and also spaces where I was the obvious minority. I was torn between 2 identities, one where I never felt Korean enough and another that questioned the way I looked, the food I ate, and the place I came from. But going into entrepreneurship has brought this self-journey full circle. I grew to find self-acceptance and self-love for my dual identity and now my Korean American identity is my brand’s DNA. We are a proud Korean American brand breaking stereotypical norms of traditional luxury and creating a safe space that celebrates diversity and the things that make us different.

What drives me is amplifying AAPI voices and stories through NUNCHI. Advocating for community and representation is the lifeblood of our business, with 100% of our supply chain being BIPOC, immigrant-owned, and family-owned businesses in New York City. Through our products, we pay homage to the city we call home and our roots as children of immigrants. Creating products and spaces that are a reflection of who we are and where we come from . 

I love creating for my customers and being able to tell their stories through. We do this by offering hyper customization as a core competency, which is central to authentic representation and offers access to one-of-one expressive luxury. Using my resources to help our customers design their dream piece from scratch is crucial to what NUNCHI stands for: self-expression, access, and individuality. 



How did you come up with your ideas for this collab? 

Partnering with other AAPI creators fuels our creativity. Being able to partner with Daisy at DAWANG and Jia has been an expansive experience. Both creators, through their art, unapologetically take up space, confidently express their identity, and advocate for the AAPI community. When we all got together to brainstorm, I knew this meeting would blow my mind - and it did! We were inspired by themes of tradition and modernity in East Asian art and culture. Additionally we wanted to harness the power of collaboration by bridging our individual ethnicities through design. 

What is your favorite lunar new year tradition? What is something you wish people knew about your work or culture?


Lunar New Year in Korean is referred to as Seollal. While my entire family lives in South Korea, my mom kept Korean traditions alive in our house growing up. One of my favorite Seollal traditions is making and eating rice cake soup (Tteokguk) - it’s warm and tastes like home to me. 


For people that aren’t too familiar with NUNCHI, I want them to know that the brand's mission is inspired by the Korean concept of 'NUNCHI', a concept meaning awareness harnessed into actions that promote awareness and balance. Jewelry is no longer just about making a fashion statement. Your choice speaks volumes to not just who you are, but also what you believe in. At NUNCHI, you don’t have to sacrifice your values or your wallet to be able to own a piece that celebrates your individuality.

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