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Refinery29: Why the Yin-Yang Symbol Became a Trending Beacon of 2020

Refinery29 recently featured Daisy Wang, DAWANG's designer and founder, in an article about the significance of the Yin-and-Yang symbol and its philosophy emerging across brands everywhere. Read more about how the forces of Yin-and-Yang emerge in DAWANG's clothing here:

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RADII: Will the Next Generation Qipao Be Worn in the West?

DAWANG's designer and founder, Daisy Wang, was recently featured in an interview with RADII as a part of their China Designers series. Read more about her goals, inspirations, and how DAWANG's identity meshes together experiences of the east and west here:

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i-D: DAWANG is the new cult streetwear brand you need to know

For our Lunar New Year release, DAWANG was recently featured in an interview by i-D Magazine with Daisy Wang, our designer and founder.   Read more about how Daisy came to create DAWANG, her design inspirations, and her future vision for DAWANG here:

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