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In true DAWANG nature, we are always striving to keep things fresh — whether it’s through our modern spin on traditional silhouettes or the way we throw in an under-boob slit that would make your grandma raise a brow. As our brand has grown through the years, so has our vision — and now, our logo. 

When we started the brand in 2019, we were focused on celebrating the beauty of East Asian fashion. We still are, of course. But now, we’re taking on a new wave of clothes and culture. 

We’re so honored to be part of a community that sees itself reflected in the way we blur the line between of Eastern and Western influences. Whether you’re a member of the DAWANG Gang that grew up closely connected to your roots, or someone trying to find your way back to the culture, it’s always been about more than just switching up our look. 

It’s about going back to basics, and giving our culture back to the community. (including those who did not grow up speaking their mother tongue, which can make pronouncing our name somewhat daunting). We see all of you. 

Here is our DAWANG 101 lesson on how to pronounce our name, what it means, and how to write it in Chinese characters.  

Our name is broken into two words. The first is “DA” with a downward tone. This means your voice should go from high to low as you’re saying it. The second word is “WANG.” But don’t be fooled — it’s spelled with an A, but it’s pronounced like an “O” for WONG, with an upward tone with your voice going up like a question mark.

Think you’ve got it? 

The translation for DAWANG is pinyin for “the big king.” So when you say Da Wang (and when you join the Da Wang community), know you’re taking on our 大王 energy! When you see our logo, the accents are reminders of how the tones are supposed to sound.

We hope you remember our little lesson and know what your intention is when you wear our pieces!

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